Indoor Cultivation

Potential for 30,000 sf or 60,000 sf canopy or customizable sized canopy


To ease operations, the city allow cannabis businesses to easily transport their products throughout the state.

Mixed-Light Cultivation

Lancaster is the only city in Los Angeles County to allow for mixed light cultivation on non-agricultural land.

Volatile Manufacturing

Lancaster is one of the few municipalities in the state to allow for Volatile Manufacturing which includes butane, hexane & pentane

Non-Volatile Manufacturing
and Infusion

Non-volatile solvents include C02 & Ethanol and commercial kitchens are allowed for edible manufacturing.


Includes trimming, drying,
packaging and labeling.

Commercial Kitchen

Lancaster is allowing for commercial kitchens for manufacturing edibles


Immature plants and clones.


We are working with the city to allow greenhouses and/or hoop houses.

The property is fully entitled and approved for all uses
under California and the local ordinance. Uses include:

32 Acres — Potential for 570,000 SF

The vacant land is fully entitled with a Conditional Use Permit and will be developed in phases. It is the ONLY campus of its kind in Los Angeles County. The property is located in the business friendly and regulated ordinance compliant city of Lancaster, California on Barnes Avenue, adjacent to Fox Field Airport. This flat partially graded property is 32 acres with all utilities, sewers and water to the site. The developer has a great working relationship with the city allowing us to guarantee local licensing to future tenants.

Over the next few years, it is going to be built in several phases. There is potential for 570,000 square feet of cultivation, manufacturing and distribution buildings. The developer will allow to either develop each building, or sell off individual “lots” to cannabis businesses.

Tenants will be able to build customizable concrete tilt up spaces at various sizes to fulfill all of their needs. An expedited building process will be ensured by the hiring of city expediters to complete quick and reliable construction.

Extraction equipment allowed: We are working closely with LA County fire to get buildings pre-approved for all types of cannabis manufacturing facilities including — water based, solvent based — Butane (LPG), Propane (LPG), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Ethanol, Purge gases, or Carbon dioxide (CO2) in use with another solvent. All of these uses will be permitted in the buildings being constructed.


Cannabis Real Estate Tipping point

Local, state, and federal governments are becoming more open to cannabis, fueling the growth of the overall legal recreational market across the United States. There is a high and increasing demand for cannabis real estate and ancillary services.

Commercial cannabis operations require centralized, scalable, physical space for cultivation, storage, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.

The Cannabis Real Estate Business Model

Provide centrally located, fully entitled, secure, state-of-the art facilities, with utilities for all potential cannabis uses.

Partner with cities like Lancaster, who are looking to attract cannabis businesses by offering expedited licensing, tax incentives, and other benefits.

Utilities for Cannabis

Developing and managing industrial facilities for cannabis requires specific understanding of energy, water, and other utility needs.

Energy Partnership

Energy provided through relationship with Lancaster Choice Energy and major energy company in concert with SoCal Gas

Project to incorporate other green energy sources including solar, battery, alternative and renewable sources

Water Rights

The projects will provide access to sufficient supply of water for industrial-scale cultivation of cannabis at reduced rates.

State of the art, fully entitled Commercial Cannabis Campus Development

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Leasing and Purchasing Opportunities

General Business & Partnership

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